Awarded 5 Star Rating By Bristol City Council.

Bristol Based Home Baked Themed Cupcakes And Cakes For Any Occasion.

My not-so-little home-baked cupcakes and cakes are made from the finest carefully selected ingredients and contain no preservatives. Topped with heavenly buttercream in nostalgic colours like perfect pink, candy and vanilla, they satisfy our innermost cravings.

My love for cakes predates my intention to start baking as a business in Bristol; my family has actually bullied me into sharing my passion for some of the sweetness in life! The colours and designs of my cupcakes and cakes are an indication of the taste to follow. Unlike my husband who wants to eat them all, I believe my cakes are for sharing and for celebrating every little bit of happiness that life has to offer.

I am not a big scale commercial baker; I bake from home and bake like I would for my loved ones.